Book Search
Over 25,000 titles listed on the internet, over 50,000 in our store, over 250,000 in our warhouse, and access to millions more through our network of book dealers.
We specialize in rare, out of print, collectible and just about amy old or used book you can think of
Book Binding
We offer the finest bookbinding and repairs! Done off-site by one of the most well known craftsmen in the trade. Email us for info.
"We've been using George Schmidlechner for over 20 years to repair and rebind some of our finest books, and everytime a book comes back the craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. -Joy Saunders, Old Favorites
Display Rentals
Old Favorites has been renting books, magazines, comics, maps, and paper memorabilia for decoration and props used in the film, television and theatre industry for over 20 years.
With one of the largest and most unique selections available for rent, Old Favorites is sure to have the look you need.
To obtain a quote please fill out the form. We also offer items to complete the look of book shelves from book ends, figurines, pipes, eye glasses, fountain pens, post cards, antique photo albums, playing cards, board games and more. Browse through the photos of books and items available at the bottom of this page.
Rental Rates
*The rates we charge are by the linear foot and vary depending on the items requested and how specific the needs are. Prices begin at $10 per foot for hardcover and $8.00 per foot for paperbacks. Extremely rare or extremely specific rentals can cost up to $30 per foot.
(prices vary depending on rental, and are subject to change without notice.)
*Please reserve your books as soon as possible or within 1-2 weeks of the pick up date.
*There is an extra charge of $150.00 for Rush orders. A Rush order is a rental needed within 3-4 days (depending on how specific & the size of the rental) Contact us for details.
*Rental prices are for a maximum of 4 weeks. Each additional week will be $50-$250 per week, depending on the specifics and size of the rental.
*Delivery can be arranged. Please contact us for information, restrictions and pricing.
Our Address
Old Favorites Book Shop 132 Hwy # 7 , R.R #1 Locust Hill, Ontario L0H 1JO Phone : 905-294-3865